“What fills the eye, fills the heart” – Irish saying.

Have you ever wished you had some beautiful, nostalgic or offbeat images to watch while you listen to my Podcast… ?

Well you’re in luck!

You can now enjoy ‘Encounters with the Good People‘ Podcast on YouTube.

Encounters with the Good People on YouTube.

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Youtube video Episode 1 – Who are the Good People?

Youtube video 2 – Ireland, Ancestral Memory and Thin Places

Youtube video 3 – Banshee: Harbinger of Death or Spiritual Companion?

Youtube video 4 – Black Shucks and Hellhounds

Youtube video 5 – Faerie Guardian Dogs

Youtube video 6 – Changelings and Abductions – Bridget Cleary

Youtube video 7 – Changelings and Abductions – Michael Leahy

Youtube video 8 – Wee Pocket Podcast: 5 Old Tales of Changelings and Abductions

Youtube video 9 – Leanan Sidhe

Youtube video 10 – Faerie Vengeance and Simple Rules to Avoid It

Youtube video 11 – True Tales of Faerie Vengeance

Youtube video 12 – Brief Encounters with Faerie

Youtube video 13 – Mermaids and Mermen

Youtube video 14 – Selkie

Youtube video 15 – Beltane and the Month of Faerie Madness