Who are the Faerie?

Many times man lives and dies, between his two eternities, that of race and that of soul, and ancient Ireland knew it all – W B Yeats.

Who are The Good People?

They take many forms, making this question near impossible to answer.

Faerie Folklore is as old and rich and beautiful and diverse as the hills. So diverse that it is a very many things to a very many people.

Some favour the Lore of the Mythological Cycle, the Tuatha De Danann, Fomorians, or Milesians. Others believe Faerie are the Ancestors of modern day Humans or even that they are fallen Angels.

It is not for me to say that one belief is right or another is wrong. Faith is Faith after all.

I believe they must have been here for at least as long as us, probably longer. If we accept this, it must follow that they are intelligent and spiritually aware and live in harmony with the natural world. The Faerie, or the Good People, or the Wee Folk, or Themselves or whichever name you choose to use, have lived freely in Ireland since earliest of days, that they are very similar to us in appearance and mingle among us, and meddle in our daily affairs whenever it pleases them to do it.

I think, they want to like us, but the majority of us do not make it easy for them, forever ridiculing or offending or disrespecting them or harming the natural world.

Perhaps this is why their behaviour is often unpredictable, and why we must always be wary of them, never speaking, or acting toward the Good People disrespectfully.

I wonder, how would you describe The Good People?

The brilliant Dr Jenny Butler, Department of Study of Religions, University College Cork,  gives a thorough and articulate account of Irish Faerie Folklore in this audio interview.

Another interesting audio interview with Dr Butler regarding Mythology.

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