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A Wee Message from Kitty and Dan.

Some folk have asked if there is a way they can support our work. This is so very encouraging for us and thanks to everyone who would like to see us continue to grow and (hopefully) expand ‘Encounters with The Good People’.

There are many ways you can support us. The first is very simple: we love to hear from you, to receive constructive feedback, and to hear your own stories and experiences of encounters with The Good People.

Of course, producing this Website, and the weekly Podcast costs money. We produce this work independently with no financial backing or support.

If you would love to see us continue bringing you ‘Encounters with The Good People’, there are several ways you can help us make that happen. Here are a few options:

Buy me a Coffee

One quick, easy way to support us is simply click on the ‘Buy me a Coffee‘ above or button (below) and give a one-off donation of a few dollars.


Some of you might want to help by simply sending money to us. Any amount of money, no matter how small, will help us maintain our Website, produce our Podcast, and pay for voice actors to provide content for our Podcast episodes. Any financial assistance would be most welcome, but we do not want any of our listeners to feel an obligation to do so.

Share a story

We are collecting and sharing real life sightings and encounters with The Good People in an effort to understand them and what they think of us. In addition, we hope that by understanding our Ancestors and their relationship with the Good People, we might even get to know ourselves a bit better.

We can’t do this without you! If you have your own experience, or know of one told down your family, please share it with us. We understand that sometimes sharing these personal experiences can be challenging, and we always endeavour to treat you, and your experience, with absolute respect.

You can share your stories by writing to my email address, or my Facebook group.

Or… just tell someone about our work

By sharing our content with other people, you are helping us. We want to reach as many people as possible to share awareness of the Good People and our Ancestors.

If you simply share online or just tell others about our Podcast, Facebook page, Instagram page or Website, you are helping.

Cheers, and many thanks for your support!