1- The Good People: What are they thinking and Should we fear them?

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Leave your Tinkerbells and Leprechauns at the door, Kitty is here to talk about the real Faeries: The Good People, The Wee Folk or the Sidhe.

Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore are old, clever and can be treacherous. They are all around us and watching, always watching.

But what are they thinking?

Are they impressed by our touchscreen technology or do they curse our lack of enlightenment?

Should we fear them?

Here at ‘Encounters with the Good People’ we are going to find out.

In this episode Kitty brushes away the glitter-dust and bins the stigma to take a fresh, open-minded look at who the Faerie really are; ponders why our society is choosing to dismiss Faerie Folklore.

We celebrate Faerie in poem and song and Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries.

To read more stories of encounters with the Good People, share your own story of an encounter, perhaps one handed down through your family, or just an unusual experience on a visit to Ireland at:


‘The Stolen Child’ poem by WB Yeats. Read by Michele.
‘The Stolen Child’ poem by WB Yeats. Song by The Waterboys. Fisherman’s Blues – 1988.
Theme Music, ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.

28 – Manx Faerie

Manx Faerie

The Isle of Man, an unassuming little island sitting in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England. A picturesque holiday location full of character and charm.

But, look at little closer and you will find this modest island is anything but ordinary, in fact, it boasts a great many things:
Fascinating history – √
Rich culture – √
Rugged coastlines – √
Medieval castles – √
Abundance of Faerie activity – √

In this episode, Kitty shares the recent, and terrifying, experience of an Englishman John, while hiking in the woodland of the Isle of Man. You can see John’s photos of this strange creature here: https://faerieofireland.com/2019/07/19/faerie-photos-on-the-isle-of-man-john-hall/

We also take a look the most feared of all Good People to dwell on the Isle of Man: the Buggane. Grotesque, destructive, and sometimes headless. This fella is best avoided altogether, but Kitty shares a few tips on what to do if you are unfortunate to cross paths with this Manx beast.

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As always, Kitty encourages keeping an open mind and reminds you it’s okay to believe in the Good People.

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Podcast Credits:
‘Manx Fairy Tales’ by Sophia Morrison. 1910.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.
Additional Music: ‘Cattails’ by Kevin MacLeod
‘Highland Castle’ by Darren Curtis
‘Harp Instrumental’ by Lion Free Music