58 – The Kelpie


Do you love horses?

Are you moved by the magnificence, grace and immense strength of horses?

You are vulnerable to fall victim to the Kelpie. kelpie3

The Kelpie love Humans… especially as a snack!

Dwelling in the deep, dark pockets of streams and lakes, Kelpies have been watching us, and feeding on us, for many ages.

Described as Shapeshifters, the Kelpie may appear to us in the form of an ethereally beautiful and enticing horse.

Or a grotesquely ugly and stanching horse, dripping wet with seaweed and grasses hanging off them.

Sounds like a Kelpie would be easy to spot!

Not so fast… did you know that Kelpie have been known to appear to Humans as a young, virile and seductive person?

Or sometimes, a sweet, old and non-threatening person.

No matter how they appear before you, the end is the same. Your end is the same: a tasty wee Human morsel…


Join Kitty to find out how to avoid encountering a Kelpie, what to do if you spot one and how to escape their deadly intentions.


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Podcast Credits
Edited by Magic Dan.

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Survivals in Belief Among the Celts, by George Henderson, 1911.

Theme Music:
‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo
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‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ by Tchaikovsky. Performed by Myuu.
‘Corpse Bride’ performed by Myuu.
‘Black Waters’, ‘Lurking Waters’, Tiptoe’ by Myuu.
‘Dark Tension Rising’ by Mattia Cupelli.
‘Dancers in the Fire – Mystical Harp’ by Jonny Easton.