Grandfather’s Secret Weapon

My Grandfather died when I was 14, so that was in 1956. I can still remember the day my Father and I spent at his cottage, sorting out his few personal belongings.

He had some mad stuff I wouldn’t mention, but there was one thing I stumbled across which you might find interesting.

flask (2)

I was folding his old thick coat, the one he wore everyday, and indeed the one he passed in, and in the inner pocket I found two small flasks.

One was used for whiskey, the other for holy water.

Of course, in those days everybody walked everywhere and so it was for my Grandfather but he did not venture out unarmed.

He was a belt n’buckles man” my Father said, “cautious if you get my meaning. If he was out walking, day or night, he had one flask to save himself from the bitter cold, the other to save himself from the Good Folk”.

Ian – Belfast