123 – Your Sightings & Encounters

by John Anster Fitzgerald.

One of the things I love most about Encounters with the Good People is hearing of your own experiences, sightings or encounters and it always feels such a privilege too.

To share our personal experiences is a wonderful way of better understanding the Good People: who or what they are, where they dwell and what their behaviour can tell us about what they might think of us.

In this episode we hear 4 incredible encounters sent in from listeners or viewers of Encounters with the Good People. I also invite you to share your own experience of a sighting or encounter with the Good People at my new email address: yourencounterstories@gmail.com


by Emily Balivet.


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by Lily Seika Jones.

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Do you have your own tale of a Faerie sighting or encounter?

by Gilbert Williams.

Perhaps you have your own story to share? Kitty would love to hear from you and share your tale on our website or upcoming book.

After receiving suggestions and requests from listeners of this podcast all over the world, I’ve decided to put together a book of ‘Encounters with the Good People’. In this book I’ll include tales of encounters both historical and modern.

So, if you, someone in your family, or a trusted friend, have had your experience with the Good People and are happy to share that experience, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at glassonionstories@gmail.com

Don’t forget… our website is bursting with true, and amazing, tales of encounters with the Good People from folk all over the world. You’re sure to find a tale there to get you thinking… Thanks to everyone who has shared their own experiences with us so far on https://www.encounterswiththegoodpeople.com


by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.

Podcast Credits

Edited by Magic Dan.

Tales sent in from listeners/viewers: Sean, Rachel, Michael and Carolyn.

Readings by Midulster
and Alex

Theme Music:
‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Forever Sunrise’ and ‘Exile’ by Jonny Easton.


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