Ghostly Encounters

I was a tour guide and ‘man of all work’ at a restored mansion of the 1870s in Colorado.  The house was very spiritually active, with most of it being of very negative energy. The one exception was an entity who was identified as ‘Robert’ by the late Peter James, who did TV psychic work for such shows as Sightings. James said that Robert was from a later period than most of the ghosts in the house.

Unlike many ghosts, Robert seemed to be aware that he was dead, but he didn’t care, and he had fun. His favorite activity was calling people by name, usually while mimicking a voice to which he knew his victim would respond, such as a spouse or boss.

Several other people related tales about being called to when there was no one else on the premises. One lady reported entering the house and disabling the alarm just seconds before she heard him calling out for her.

For myself, the first experience I had with Robert was while I was giving a tour to some visitors. We were on the next floor up when I heard footsteps in the hallway below us, then a creaky voice called out, “Bob? Bob?”

I heard it, but no one else apparently did, and I knew it was Robert.

I just mentally projected to him, “Nice try, but it didn’t work,” and there was silence below.

A few weeks later we were expecting large crowds of visitors, so instead of me being a solitary guide, there were docents scattered throughout the house. The crowds didn’t manifest, and things got boring. I went upstairs to chat with the solitary docent on that floor.

Suddenly, I heard the boss’s voice on the main floor.  “Is Bob here? Where’s Bob? Is Bob in the house?” So of course I scurried downstairs, but the boss wasn’t there. I asked the docents who were there if they had seen the boss, and they said they hadn’t. I realized then what had happened, and mentally told Robert, “Well done, you got me good.”  And I felt hearty amusement flowing about me. I later did some checking. The boss hadn’t even been in town that day.

There was also a helpful ghost in the house, although I can’t say whether it was Robert or someone else. Visitors were always admitted at the front door, which was kept locked. There was no place to sit there, so on slow days I would wait elsewhere, but close enough that I could hear the bell, which was quite strident.

One, day I was in another part of the house when I heard someone knock on the side door, which no one but staff used. But there was no one there. A minute later, visitors came walking in from the street to the front door and rang the bell.

After this happened a few times, I noticed the pattern and realized that someone was signalling me that visitors were on their way. After that, I never bothered checking the side door when I heard the knocking; I just said, “Thank you” and went to the front door to unlock it for the visitors I could see coming up the street.

There was one other time when a spirit was helpful in that house. I was given the task of finding some chair covers that were packed in a box somewhere on the property, but no one knew exactly where. The problem was that the several buildings on the property all had storage areas filled with boxes and such.

After a few hours with no results other than me getting hot and dusty, I found myself in the attic of the main house, in a section which had a somewhat troubled ghost who sometimes caused problems.

However, I had made a point of trying to get along with him by being friendly and courteous. Fed up with my task, I said, “George, you’ve been here a long time. Do you know where I can find the covers for the dining room chairs?” My attention was immediately focused on a particular box among a stack of boxes.

I pulled it out, and opened it, and there they were, the long-misplaced chair covers.

Bob, U.S.


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