Faerie at the Faire?

I saw one of the Good People at a ‘Renaissance Faire’ once, years ago.

Here in the US, Renaissance Faire’s are full of people in costume of the time and also of the Fae.

This Faire was in a forest with tables, tents and booths set up amongst the trees.

I was walking through the Faire with my friends and family and I noticed a person dressed as a Fae, half hiding behind a tree just a short distance from everyone else.

I stopped in my tracks and I’m sure my mouth fell open. He was dressed all in grey that perfectly blended with the bark on the tree.

His face was ageless and he was handsome but not overly so.  Something about his features seemed odd, but I couldn’t decide what it was.

There was an air about him that I can’t explain, but I knew at once he was not in costume.  He was the real thing.

He seemed surprised that I could see him and then he put his finger to his lips and shushed me. I nodded in agreement and looked away.

When I looked back, he was gone.

Deborah, U.S.


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  1. I have had 2 encounters with what I believe to be the Good Folk, one unseen, one seen & another possible one after the fact. I’ve always been a big outdoor whole yard Halloween decorator, even tho we rarely had visitors. One such Halloween in the early ’90s, I found myself on the weekend decorating & finding myself without the fishing line that I used for making decorations “float & fly”. I was overly upset & cried out, “If there really are faeries, then bring me some fishing line!” Later that day, I decided I’d run to the local dollar store & see if they had some sort of substitute I could use. When I got to the end of our long winding driveway to the farm market road, I saw something lying in the middle of the road, in front of our drive. I got out of the truck to retrieve it. It was an almost new roll of fishing line! Coincidence? Or faerie sent?
    Another incident happened about 15 years ago. I’d been reading about some true faerie encounters online late one night. I’d read that some of them enjoy classical music and left my radio on that night with the window cracked a bit, The next morning I immediately resumed my reading online as soon as I woke up. I suddenly got a strange sensation to look behind me, When I did, I saw a pure white light that seemed to have wings & a tail, or legs. The brightness of it lessened the definition of it. It went up to the ceiling & disappeared. I thought it must have been a giant white moth. But there was no sign of it in the room after searching & the large double window showed nothing hiding. I had to imagine that a wee faerie must have come in to listen to the music & amused themselves by watching me read about faeries on my computer. My last encounter to date happened after taking a Halloween photo one night. I did have strings of lights decorating the interior of the circle drive in front of the yard, but the photo, but my back was to them. Other lighted strings decorated the house, but they were orange & green in color. The photo didn’t come out great, it was too dark to really see the house. But what showed up on the photo was many orbs of light. A few can be explained as the moon over the roof & a couple of lanterns in the distance near & around the house. But the other orbs were low to the ground & there was nothing on the ground to reflect light. The photos before & after showed no orbs. One was directed at the string of lights in the circle drive. The one after was a few steps closer to the house, showing the lanterns & other lights on the house, but no orbs. As I was taking the photos, I had invited all the Good Folk, good faeries & good spirits to enjoy Halloween with me that night. I can only surmise that they took me up on my offer!

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