Dark Celtic Deer – Ladies T-Shirt

This week I am featuring a design from my online store which I really love: the Dark Celtic Deer. This is a striking design against light and mid-coloured items.

The Stag is an important figure in Celtic mythology, and is widely believed to possess otherworldly energies and a connection to the Good People.  Deer and Stags are seen by the Good People as “Faerie Cattle” and, according to Popular Tales of the West Highlands by J.F. Campbell, the Stag was a prominent feature of the ‘Wild Hunt’.

The shirt comes in a variety of colours including: Navy Heather, Heather Burgundy, Mustard Yellow, Heather Black, Heather Gray, and White, in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL. It’s also available on many other items including: bags, mugs, aprons, bottles and caps.  Just click on the image of the item to be spirited away to my online store.

Dark Celtic Deer

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