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The Good People are itchy footed folk. They like to move and have several methods of getting from one place to another.

They are known to travel within a fairy wind, other times they hitch a ride on the back of a horse, or with a human, either on their shoulder or on their wagon. But it seems most often the Good People travel by land.

Did you know they have favourite routes to travel and these have come to be known as fairy paths. Though unseen by us, the Good people travel upon these paths whenever it pleases them to do it.

It is from numerous recorded accounts, that we know just how fond, and protective, they are of their well-worn paths. They have no patience for humans who think to obstruct or interfere them and don’t hesitate to take drastic action against people, and structures, which do.

We ponder why Fairy Paths are so important to the Good People and what we can do to help maintain them. Kitty shares some tips on how to avoid building on a Fairy Path and if it’s too late, and you already have, what you can do to placate the Good People.


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