YouTube video – Problematic Pixies

The Pixies of South-West England. Mind you don’t call them Faeries now, for they have fought and won a war to earn the title of Pixie. Thankfully, a Faerie war is a rare thing, but it does leave us with many questions…

But what does a Faerie war look like?
What weapons do they use?
Are Faerie/Pixies killed in a Faerie war?

Kitty takes a look at the unique landscape of south-west of England and ponders why the Pixies are so fixed in, and territorial of, this particular location.

We take a stroll with a fella who was lucky to survive being Pixie-led during a terrifyingly heavy mist and consider the close relationship between Pixies and horses.

As always, Kitty reminds you that, not only is it okay to believe in the Good People, it probably makes you a better person!

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Edited by Magic Dan

Theme Music: Giorgio Di Campo

Additional Music: ‘Cattails’ by Kevin MacLeod.
‘Quiet Place’ by Jonny Easton’.
‘Night Mist’ by Adrian von Ziegler
‘Evening Breeze’ by Adrian von Ziegler
Miss Susan Gay quote from ‘Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ by Evans-Wentz. Read by Carol.
Old Farmer Mole tale read by thecherrypie.
‘Tale of the Dartmoor Pixies’ by William Crossing
‘Peep at the Pixies’ by Mrs Gray.
‘Magical folk: British and Irish Fairies 500ad to the Present,’ by Simon Young and Ceri Houlbrook.

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