YouTube video – Halloween Night

Join Kitty for a traditional Halloween Night of days past.

A night filled of ghosts and Faeries, music, games, poems, scary tales and flying cabbages awaits you.

So fill your glass and sit back beside the crackling fire. Smoke from burning pipes is whirling about the ceiling, children titter, old folk tut. Food and drink abound as the darkness of Halloween closes in.

Will the children find courage to go treat or treating at their scary neighbours cottage?
What happened to the young men who sought out the Good People under the Hawthorn Tree?
Who were those mysterious cats who entered the cottage and stared, silently bemused, at the people and their strange customs. And why did they disappear at the mention of the Puca?
And… we know that ghosts of those departed are free to visit loved ones on Halloween night, but have you ever wondered what happens to the ghost of someone who has their body stolen and divvied up by bodysnatchers?

Find out, and join in all the fun of this extraordinary Halloween Night with Kitty.


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Podcast Credits.

Edited by Magic Dan.

Traditional Tales from As read by Greyolltwit and Kitty.
‘Haunted House’ by Jack Prelutsky. Read by Emkay.
‘The Little Ghost’ by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Read by TheCherryPie
‘Mary’s Ghost – A Pathetic Ballad’ By Thomas Hood. Read by Zornaph
‘Halloween’ by Joel Benton. 1896. Read by Librivox.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Children of the Night’ by Myuu.
‘Cold Shivers’ by Myuu.
‘Wasted Wonderland’ by Myuu.
‘Moonlight Hall’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Maiden’s Lullaby’ by Adrian Von Ziegler.

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