Youtube video – Wolves and Wulvers

Wolves: they are majestic, powerful, intelligent and (sometimes) deadly

Shapeshifters… wait, what?

Shapeshifters? Well, maybe.

Is a Wolf always a Wolf, or… sometimes at least, the Good People in disguise?

Kitty takes a look at a few recorded accounts of encounters with creatures we call Wolves and ponders why the Good People might appear to us in Wolves clothing.

We also ask: what is a creature, half man, half wolf and no part werewolf?

A Wulver of course.

We get to know the lonely, and truly lovely, Wulver of Scotland and Kitty reminds you that it’s not only okay to believe in the Good People, but knowing them could make you a better person!

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Podcast Credits:
Edited by: Magic Dan
Farley Mowat quotes from ‘Never Cry Wolf’. Read by Zed.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo
Additional Music: ‘Wolf Blood’ by Adrian von Ziegler
‘Ancient Storm’ by Adrian von Ziegler
‘Atmospheres’ by Adrian von Ziegler
‘Heartbreaking’ by Kevin Macleod
‘Hidden Past’ by Kevin Macleod

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