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Mind how you go, lest you step your foot upon a Stray Sod.

This week, Kitty tackles the phenomena of the ‘Stray Sod’: an area of ground within a field which is affected/charmed/marked in some way by the Good People.

Anybody can be struck by the Stray Sod. No matter if a person has walked the same field, or the same path every day of their life, if they stand on a Stray Sod under the darkness of night, will suddenly find themselves lost and entirely disoriented.

Some folk find their way out by chance. Others, who lived to tell the tale, are led to the brink of deadly accident. Most are trapped within the field until dawn finds them, distraught and exhausted.

Is this just a case of Faerie pranksters? Playing practical jokes on Humans to entertain themselves? Could it be a method used to punish or seek revenge on Humans who have wronged the Good People?

Or, is their motivation more complex? Could it be the Good People trap a person until dawn for to keep them from their destination? Do they have the ability to foresee a future event, and if so, are they helping or hindering the person by trapping them?

Curiouser and curiouser…

This week, we take a closer peek at the multifaceted nature of the Good People.
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