Youtube video 27 – 5 Tales of Strange Faerie Music

There can be no doubt Faerie music is alluring. People are known to literally drop whatever they are doing, stop wherever they are going, when they hear faerie music on the air.

But, while it is given us to hear, to dance to, to lose ourselves within, it is never ours to keep.

This wee collection of curious old tales, serves to remind us that faerie music can be as dangerous, as it is captivating.

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This video contains audio from episode 49 of my podcast.

Podcast Credits:
Edited by: Magic Dan.

Theme Music:

‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo

Additional Music:
‘Almost New’ by Kevin Macleod
‘Achaidh Cheide’ by Kevin Macleod
‘Atlantean Twilight’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Cloudy’ by Vladimir Khrobystov.
‘Private Reflection’ by Kevin Macleod.

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