75 – Faerie Blacksmiths

arthur rackham blacksmith
by Arthur Rackham

Some say the Good People are repelled by iron.

I’m not so sure….

There are many accounts of Faerie knocking on the door of a Human Blacksmith seeking their services for to shoe a Faerie Horse.

The Faerie often stand by and observe the work of the Blacksmith: seemingly intrigued.

Perhaps they are studying Blacksmith techniques or dare we imagine they are…

impressed by this noble trade?

blacksmith markos lajos
by Markos Lajos

Common too, are tales of Faerie simply taking over the Blacksmith’s Forge themselves for to undertake the necessary work.

Usually under darkness of night.

And away from prying eyes.

But they are heard and sensed.

What work are they doing in the Forge?

jean baptiste monge weapon (2)
by Jean Baptiste Monge

Simply shoeing their horses or perhaps constructing or repairing their own tools and weapons?

On this episode we discover:

The quickest way to identify a Faerie Horse and

If a Human Blacksmith should accept payment offered by the Faerie.

Through true tales, old and (very) new, we ponder if the Good People look favourably upon those Humans who ply a trade.

Those who put in an honest, hard day’s work. Folk who continually build on their skills and in the doing, help others.

Do they respect and value humans who work hard, who choose a trade, no matter if it is Blacksmithing, Coffin building, Basket weaving or even Storytelling?  Tune in and make up your own mind!



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Podcast Credits

Edited by Magic Dan.

Tales from duchas.ie and John from Missouri.

Reading by John K.

Theme Music:
‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Play With Me’, ‘Beth’s Theme’, ‘The Crypt’ and ‘Hold On’ by Myuu.

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