73 – The Corrigan

corrigan edwin austin abbey (2)
by Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911).

Let’s go to Brittany, home of the Corrigan!

Brittany is a beautiful region of the most western peninsula of France.

corrigan (2)

Along with Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man, Brittany is one of the Celtic nations and enjoys its own unique Faerie folklore.

As all keen Faerie observers will know: we must resist the temptation to judge a Faerie by its appearance.

And so it is with the Corrigan of Brittany.

Known for her beauty, golden tresses, sparkling eyes, moist lips and ever-beckoning arms, she delights in harassing, seducing and sometimes even destroying, human men.

corrigan druidess2You see, below the shiny surface dwells a whip smart mind and a simmering resentment.

Her feeling toward human men teetering on that fine line tween love and hate.

Join Kitty as she ponders why the Corrigan carries a particular grudge against men of the clergy.

Could it be the Corrigan, to this very day, is holding them accountable for the persecution and ultimate demise of their Ancestors?


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Podcast Credits.

Edited by Magic Dan

Tales from: “The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ by Evans-Wentz, 1911. Read by John and Leyla.

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Miris’s Magic Dance’, ‘Windy Old Weather’ and ‘Duet Musette’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Woods – acoustic folk’ by OAK Studios.
‘Bretagne’ by Royalty Free Music.

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