68 – Trows, Finfolk & Elves with special guest: Storyteller Tom Muir

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Could this fella be a Trow?

On this week’s episode, we are joined by a very special guest: Storyteller and Author Tom Muir. tom muir

A native of the Orkney Islands, Tom not only has a background in Archaeology…

but enjoys a passion for preserving old Orcadian lore and …

absolutely delights in sharing the joy of storytelling with others.


Tom joins us for a relaxed sort of chat, offering insights into Folklore, sharing thoughts on the sacred connection between Faerie and the people and landscape of the Orkney Islands and of course, breaking into tales including: Trows, Finfolk and Elves.


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In this beautifully illustrated book, Tom shares ancient tales told fireside by the Picts and Vikings of fin folk, mermaids, witches and selkies and more.

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Fancy taking a peek inside Tom’s book ‘Orkney Folk Tales’? Follow this link to Amazon to check it out.  ‘Orkney Folk Tales’ by Tom Muir. 

Drop into Tom’s own website to find loads more great information about Orkney Folklore and listen to his catalogue of free audio stories: ‘Tales for Troubled Times‘. Tom’s website.


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