66 – Faerie Midwives

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What would you do if one of the Good People came knocking on your door?

brothers grimm kobold

Would you answer?

Or would you hide behind the curtains?

Our relationship with the Good People has been one of twists and turns.

Ups and downs.

There is a theory, long held by many, that the Good People occasionally reproduce with humans.

There may be several reasons for this.

Faerie may enjoy the act of seduction, for some it might be a novelty, a boredom-buster, or perhaps it’s based on a genuine attraction.

Some believe the good people need to reproduce with humans from time to time to keep their own bloodlines strong.  Perhaps there are particular races of Faerie which do benefit from the occasional shot of human genetic material.

And today we’re going to look at the nuts and bolts of this. Not the beginning of the process, but rather the end. A Faerie giving birth to a child who is half human.

faerie child (2)

Did you know that Faerie giving birth to a human/faerie child requires a Human midwife or wise-woman to attend her during birth?

cats cicely mary barker (2)There are many women who have attended a Faerie during childbirth and returned to tell the tale.

Some of these Faerie midwives benefit from their service, while many others wish they had never answered that knock at the door…



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Podcast Credits

Edited by Magic Dan.

‘I’d love to be a Fairy’s Child’ by Robert Graves. Read by thecherrypie.

Tales from:


‘Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ by Evans-Wentz. 1911

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‘Darkest Child’ by Kevin Macleod.

‘Horror Scary Kids’ and ‘Come Play With Me’ by WHAT pictures.

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  1. This is my first encounter with your story telling. However, I am enamoured with it! I truly loved listening.
    Yes, I would go help any faerie that came knocking.
    Maybe I’ll be able to but you a coffee (or tea) one day soon. 🌹

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