63 – Faerie Doctors

jean baptiste monge deer
by Jean Baptiste Monge

The Good People have been around us since ever there was.

Over the many ages, they have watched us battle through disease, famine, war and yes, even pandemic.

They have watched us struggle and fall and they have watched us rise again. And we do rise, and rebuild. Every time.

jean baptiste monge house
by Jean Baptiste Monge

On this week’s Podcast we consider what the Good People think when they watch our struggle. There can be no doubt some of the Good People take pleasure in our suffering, some empathize and others…

jean baptiste monge witch
by Jean Baptiste Monge

well they actively try to help us.

Their help comes in many forms.

One method they use is: Faerie Doctors.

They’re not Faerie’,

and they’re not Doctors,

but the Good People use them to help us in times of trouble.

Kitty ponders, could they be helping us now?



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Podcast Credits
Edited by Magic Dan.
Tales from duchas.ie

‘Hope is the thing with feathers’ written by Emily Dickinson. Read by Emkay.
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‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

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‘Windswept’, ‘Cattails’, ‘Side Path’, ‘Teller of the Tales’ and ‘Fairytale Waltz’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Surreal State’ by Royalty Free Mystical Music
‘Quiet Place’ by Jonny Easton.

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