62 – Are Mermaids Fallen Angels?

zach franzen mermaid
by Zach Franzen

Did you know… some folk believe the Good People are angels who have fallen from heaven? fallen angel (3)

It’s true!

One theory of the Good People tells us they are in fact rebellious angels who fell from heaven and dwell in a world of their own.

Being neither good enough for heaven, nor bad enough for hell.

Is it said that:

one third of these fallen angels fell on the land,

one third fell into the water,

and one third remained suspended in the sky.

On this week’s episode, we test this theory by taking a close look at tales of Mermaids keeping in mind they may be fallen angels.


galway bay2
Are there Mermen in Galway Bay?

Together we will ponder if this could explain why: some Mermaids avoid us, others cause us harm, while others come to our aid.

Join Kitty for a look at the Good People with an open mind and a fresh perspective.


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