54 – The Death Coach

death coach 2

No one wants to see a death coach.

Even to see the back of it, riding past your house, or leaving town is no great comfort, for the mere passing of the Death Coach is a sign of an impending death.

death coach 4 (2)

But that’s not all… the Death Coach also transports the body or spirit of those who have already passed.

You will hear long before you see it.

Clanking wheels, cracking whips, rattling chains and stamping hooves, the Death Coach barrels down narrow lanes and dark roads on darkest nights.

Most who hear the Death Coach approach scuttle themselves behind closed doors and latched windows.

But what can you do if you find yourself stranded outside?

On this week’s episode, Kitty shares tips on how to avoid the Death Coach and gives fair warning on what you might find if you dare to open the coach door and take a peek inside…

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Podcast Credits.
Edited by Magic Dan.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo
Additional Music: ‘Ghost Processional’, ‘Atlantean Twilight’, ‘Wounded’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Cloudy’ by Vladimir Khrobystov
‘Horror’ by Marc v/d Meulen
Tales from: Duchas.ie
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‘Fairy Legends and Tradition’s by Thomas Crofton Croker, 1825.
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