Youtube video 15 – Beltane and the Month of Faerie Madness

What do you get when you take a pinch of Beltane and add a dash of Faerie?

A Month of May Mischief.

Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore are old and clever, and something strange comes over them in the month of May.

Did you know that in the month of May you are more likely to be assaulted, abducted, seduced or tricked by Faerie than at any other time of the year? It’s true, and Kitty is wondering why!

We know the Good People, Wee Folk, Faerie or Sidhe are all around us and watching, always watching. And so it is they watch us celebrate birth and mourn death and the many landmarks twixt the two.

But what do the Good People think when they witness us collectively throw off our tightly held inhibitions, ditch our clothing, paint our bodies, adorn them in flowers and branches, beat drums and dance around bonfires?

Are they amused? Probably, but they are most certainly confused.

Beltane, the Celtic ceremony of welcoming Summer and celebrating the warmth of the Sun and the fertility and hope it brings, is held on 30th April, and it is no coincidence that from 1st May, Faerie go a little wild.

Kitty has some ideas why, warns against Faerie Spotting in the month of May and as always, explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries.

To read more stories of encounters with the Good People, share your own story of an encounter, perhaps one handed down through your family, or just an unusual experience visit:

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo
Additional Music: ‘Birdsong in Spring’ by Sounds Majestic.
Additional Music: ‘Carousel’ by Free Video Library.
‘A Chant for Beltane’ poem, written by Doreen Valiente, read by Dreow Bennett from the DVD, ‘Charge of the Goddess’.

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