Youtube video 14 – Selkie

Selkie – Still Waters Run Deep.

Come, join Kitty and bask under the warm glow of the doe-eyed Selkie.

The Selkie story is a familiar one: under the light of the moon, a beautiful woman with milky white skin, long brown hair and big brown eyes, dances on the rocky shore. A canny man steals her sealskin and she is evermore bound to live on land, to be his wife and bear his children. She is a fine wife, a loving mother and, although she spends every spare moment gazing out at sea and talking to seagulls, theirs is a good life.


It’s time to wipe the misty romanticism from our eyes and take a real look at Selkie. Her predicament is no fairytale.

Faerie of traditional Folklore are old, clever and can shed their skin whole. They are all around us, always watching. But what are they thinking? Do they yearn to befriend us?

It is said “still waters run deep” and so it is with Selkie, the ‘feel-good’ member of the Good People.

Kitty takes a close look at these romanticised creatures to discover the fascinating character bubbling beneath those soft brown eyes. You might be surprised to find we have plenty in common with the creatures who have long dwelled in the waters off Scotland and Ireland.

In this episode we ponder:

the true nature of the Selkie
the shocking methods used to treat webbed hands and feet of those descended from a Selkie-Human union.
one rare occasion of Selkie revenge
and tips on where best to spot Selkie.

As always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries and invites you to read more true tales of encounters with the Good People and share your own experiences at:

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.
Poem adapted from ‘The Mermaid Song’ written by James Reeves. Read by Owen.
Poem adapted from ‘Tell me, tell me, Sarah Jane’ written by Charles Causley. Read by Carol.
Additional Music: ‘Sea Waves’ by superfunnysheet

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