50 – Faerie Celebrations

The Good People enjoy a party as much as we do, probably more, and more often too!

How do they celebrate?

And what does it mean for us?

The Good People don’t observe our ‘festive’ calendar so it follows they don’t celebrate Christmas, New Year or St Patricks Day. But… there are so many sightings and encounters with the good people at play that we know they enjoy sumptuous food and drink on gold and silver laden tables, music, dancing, storytelling, games and a song and dance.

It sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

So why is it that some people who stumble upon, or are invited to join in a Faerie celebration end up disfigured or dead soon after?

Join Kitty to find out!


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Edited by Magic Dan.

Tales from duchas.ie
Excerpt from ‘Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland’ by J G Campbell.
Excerpt from ‘Hotel California’ written by Frey/Felder/Henley. Read by Simone.
Excerpt from ‘I’m Going Home’ written by Ezrin/Cooper/Wagner. Read by Simone.

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Long Road Ahead’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Enchanted Valley’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Ashton Manor’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Friendly Day’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Heavy Heart’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Colourless Aura’ by Kevin Macleod.
‘Celtic Impulse’ by Kevin Macleod.

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