Youtube video 11 – True Tales of Faerie Vengeance

Leave thoughts of mercy at the door, Kitty is here to talk about the ruthless ways Faerie take revenge on Humans.

Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore are old, clever and can be seriously opinionated.

They are all around us and watching, always watching. But what are they thinking?
Are we tempting their acts of revenge by breaking basic rules of decency?
Or do they just enjoy tormenting us? Should we fear them?

When it comes to methods of revenge, we learn how the real Faerie kick Tinkerbell to the curb.

In this episode, Kitty ponders one more tale of Faerie Vengeance and establishes 3 easy to follow rules to minimise the chances of you falling foul of Faerie. But, there are no guarantees. Even those with good and earnest intentions can incur the wrath of the Good People.

As always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries and invites you to read more true tales of encounters with the Good People and share your own experiences at:


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