44 – Finding Faerie in the Landscape: featuring Mike Baldwin


Did the Good People hold our Ancestors in higher regard than they do us?

In this episode we take a look at the relationship between our Ancestors and the landscape which shaped their lives, and their relations with the good people.

Kitty ponders:


Is our treatment of the landscape and the natural world, one of the reasons the Good People have withdrawn from us?

Might they come back to us if we change the way we view the natural world around us?

We welcome back Mike Baldwin, author of ‘Mizen: rescued folklore, histories and songs from Ireland’s south west’.

Mike shares insights into how our Ancestors, and dare I say the Good People, regarded the landscape around them.


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Podcast Credits.

Edited by: Magic Dan

Guest Presenter: Mike Baldwin.

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo

Excerpt from: ‘The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ by Evans-Wentz.

Additional Music: ‘Folk Round’ by Kevin MacLeod

‘Awkward Meeting’ by Kevin MacLeod

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