41 – Voices From Below

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Do the Good People, or at least some of them, dwell underground?

Peter from the U.S. shares his tale of encountering curious and terrifying voices from an underground tunnel on a visit to County Cork.

Ireland is riddled with underground caverns and tunnels, some built by the ‘Northmen’, some used by Priests for to hold secret Mass and many attached to old, overgrown structure known as ‘Forts’.


Long since abandoned by Humans, The Good People, the original recyclers, use these old tunnels and rooms to this very day. But think twice before planning to drop in for a visit, it might the last thing you do!

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Join Kitty as she ponders:

  • the strange voices Peter heard from an underground tunnel
  • if these mysterious dwellings are guarded by large bulls
  • the misfortunes which befall those who have ventured into these underground dwellings.

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Podcast Credits.

Edited by: Magic Dan.
Tales from: www.duchas.ie
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo

Additional Music:
Kevin Macleod: ‘Galway’, ‘Skye Cuillin’, ‘Windswept’, ‘Cattails’ and ‘Garden Music’.
Cow Bell.

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