39 – Halloween Customs and Divination: Fear meets Fun

Think our Ancestors hid away in fear on Halloween night?

Think again.

Although they knew and understood the dangers and limitations of the festival, it didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves in spite of them.

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After weeks of preparation, carefully performing customs to placate the Faeries and Spirits, and even more carefully practising rituals of protection against them, we are almost ready for All Hallow’s Eve.

The hearthstone is swept, cakes baked, glasses filled, the kids are out wandering the dark night playing tricks on neighbours.

halloween masks

It’s time to let the hair down, have a few drinks, singalong to a little music, listen to some old tales of Halloween and oh yes, acts of Divination.halloween postcard for fb4

Want to know who you will marry?   Will they be rich? Will they be handsome?
Will someone in the family leave home?
Will someone die before next Halloween?

All these questions, and many more, can be answered on All Hallow’s Eve using traditional methods of Divination.

Kitty shares true tales of Halloween shenanigans, and shows how, once you’re tucked up safe, Halloween can be the best night of the year. Well, maybe…


Podcast Credits
Edited by: Magic Dan

‘It’s Halloween’ by Jack Prelutsky. Read by Saintbulmers
Tales from www.duchas.ie Read by Greyolltwit. Simonelow. Thecherrypie. Saintbulmers.

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.

Additional Music:
‘Sweet Little Lullaby’ by Royaltyfreezone.
‘Forest at Night’ by Royaltyfreesounds.
‘Lord McDeath’ by Darren Curtis.
‘A Calm but Suspenseful Horror Soundtrack’ by Marc v/d Meulen.
‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Myuu.

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