38 – Faeries and Spirits and Ghosts, Oh My!

halloween vintage postcard

Bin your plastic masks and candy cauldrons, it’s time to talk about the real Halloween.

You can be sure: Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, is far more frightening than any costume or horror film.

All Hallow’s Eve falls on the Autumn Equinox.halloween ghost

It is long believed that this pause causes a brief suspension in the natural world.

For one night, our world and the otherworld slips, allowing Faeries, Spirits and Ghosts to pass between with ease.


That’s right.

On the night of Halloween, Faeries, Spirits and Ghosts enjoy absolute freedom.

They can go anywhere, and do most anything they please.

Some Spirits may wish for nothing but to visit loved ones, enjoy a little music and hospitality… lovely.

Others though, have been waiting, biding their otherworldly time to pay a visit to someone who have offended or wronged them in their life and unleash a little payback.

halloween weird

This is when things get scary.

And the Faerie?

Well as we know, they are unpredictable and can be deathly dangerous.

On this night… when the dead and the living mingle, anything can happen and canny folk will take precautions to protect themselves.

Kitty looks at what can happen on Halloween and shares loads of customs and tips to help you navigate your way through this spooky night to see another dawn.

Do you have a tale of an encounter with Faeries, Spirits or Ghosts?


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or email at: glassonionstories@gmail.com


Edited by: Magic Dan.
‘Spirits of the Dead’ by Edgar Allan Poe. Read by James.
‘Hallow-E’en, 1914’ by Winifred M. Letts. Read by Emkay.
Excerpt from ‘The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ by WJ Evans-Wentz. Read by James.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo
Additional Music: ‘Hammer Horror’ by Kate Bush. From the album ‘Lionheart’, 1978.
‘Dance Macabre’ written by Saint-Saens. Performed by Kevin Macleod.
‘Haunted House’ by Myuu.
‘The End is Always Near’ by Myuu.
‘Touch’ by Mattia Cupelli.
‘Forest at Night’ by Royalty free sounds.

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