37 – The Urisk



The Urisk of Scotland.





…but it is certain there is a lot we can learn from this kind-hearted member of the Wee Folk.

Urisk dwell in isolated places, rivers and lakes.

They are often sighted gazing at Humans with haunting eyes.

Wanting nothing more than a wee conversation or kind company.

Kitty asks why we shun these gentle, intelligent creatures and offers a bold suggestion as to how, by understanding the Urisk, we might better understand ourselves and… better our chances of reconciling the worlds of Human and the Good People.

And, it’s easier than you might think…john lennon (2)

Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s a Fun Fact: The Urisk and John Lennon have something in common. Tune in to find out more…




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Edited by: Magic Dan.
Excerpt from ‘Nowhere Man’ by Lennon/McCartney. Read by Simone.
Excerpt from ‘Alone again, Naturally’ by Gilbert O’Sullivan. Read by Simone.
‘The Urisk’ poem from ‘Elves and Heroes’ by Donald Alexander Mackenzie. Read by Zed. www.fiverr.com/zornaph
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo.
Additional Music: ‘Hidden Past’ Kevin Macleod.
‘Without Words’ by Adrian von Ziegler.
‘Lord McDeath’ by Darren Curtis.
‘Touch’ by Mattia Cupelli.

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