35 – Clergy and the Good People


You might think that a relationship or interaction between Human Clergy and the Good People seems ludicrous, or at best, unlikely.nuns

Best think again!

It is long accepted that many members of the Clergy have had encounters with the Good People


have an understanding of their ways, and insight into ‘untangling’ some of the Good People’s tricks.

Indeed, in days past, a canny Priest with a broad minded view and belief system, was an extremely valuable fella to have around.


Kitty takes a look at surprisingly frank recorded accounts from members of the Clergy who have seen the Good People with their own eyes and share their understanding of the Good People.

We also ponder why it’s hard to imagine modern-day Clergy being so open-minded.





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Encounters with the Good People – YOUTUBE Channel

Podcast Credits

Edited by: Magic Dan

Excerpt from ‘If I Can Dream’ written by Earl Brown. Read by Simone.

Passages from ‘The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries’ written by WJ Evans-Wentz. Read by JamesIrwin.

‘Meeting the Other Crowd’ by Eddie Lenihan.priest

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio di Campo

Additional Music: ‘Forest Sanctum’ by Adrian Von Ziegler

‘Morning Dew’ by Adrian Von Ziegler

‘Luminous Rain’ by Kevin Macleod

‘Eternal Hope’ by Kevin Macleod

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