30 – The Death Bogle

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Boggarts dwell close to Humans, in their house, barn or nearby hill or cave and it is well known that their appearance and temperament vary depending on the region in which they live.

They love to perplex, frighten and annoy us, but rarely cause long-term harm.

Encounters and sightings suggest they appear to favour the North of England. We know they are sometimes super helpful, sometimes bothersome, sometimes so infuriating you sell your house, pack your belongings and move overseas just to get away from your local Boggart.boggart5 (2)

Oh, did I mention Boggarts love to travel?

They do, and will follow you wherever you go.

Across vast oceans, through raging rivers and over treacherous mountains, once a Boggart has attached itself to you or your family, you best get used to their company.

But there is one fella from the clan of Boggarts who stands out from all others. The Scottish Bogle.

Also known as: The Death Bogle.

One look at this fella and you’ll wish you were walking over a treacherous mountain barefoot, or swimming a vast ocean backstroke…

He is silent, he is deadly.

He is fast, he is determined.

He always collects what he came for.


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Kitty offers some tips on how to avoid the Scottish Bogle, takes a look at the difference between Faeries and Ghosts, and reminds you it okay to believe in the Good People.

Have you encountered or sighted the Good People yourself?

Perhaps you know someone who has, or have an old tale of the Good People told in your family?


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Edited by: Magic Dan.
Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo
‘The Scottish Bogle’ written by WD Cocker. Read by Zed. https://www.fiverr.com/zornaph
Additional Music: ‘Evening Breeze’ by Adrian von Ziegler.
‘Ride’ by Adrian von Ziegler.
‘Horror’ by Marc vd Meulen

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