29 – Faerie Wind

faerie wind (3)

Any one can lose their hat in a Faerie Wind” – Irish Proverb.

fairy wind arthur rackham2 (2)Where does it come from, where does it go and why do they sometimes suck Humans up into them, never to be seen again…?

The Faerie Wind: Mother Nature’s very own transport system. Some say riding within the wind are the Good People themselves, moving from one place to another.

Up an above pesky Humans who would only get in their way.

But mind the passing Faerie wind, for the Good People are known to demolish or snatch crops or precious items as they pass.

Oh, and they sometimes suck Humans, livestock and dead souls up into their whirling dervish too!

Kitty offers some tips on what to do, and what not to do if you see a Faerie Wind approaching.



Kitty announces the winner of the prize draw and, as always, reminds you it’s okay to believe in the Good People.

Have you encountered or sighted the Good People yourself?

fairy wind2

Perhaps you know someone who has, or have an old tale of the Good People told in your family?

Don’t be shy, Kitty would love to hear your tale.  Share your own experience and read more stories of encounters with Kitty at:


For lots of Faerie ideas, insights, facts and fun, be sure to check in daily at Kitty’s Facebook and Instagram pages.





Edited by: Magic Dan.

Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo

‘The Wind in the Hills’ written by AA Milne. Performed by James Keenan of the Radio Theatre Group. https://www.youtube.com/user/RadioTheatreGroup/videos

Tales from School’s Collection www.duchas.ie Read by Simon.

‘The Wind in the Hills’ written by Dora Sigerson. Read by Carol.

Additional Music: ‘Welsh Coast’ by Monviando.

‘Banish Misfortune’ by Brigane.

‘Loneliness’ by Adrian Von Ziegler.

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  1. So look forward to listening to your podcasts each evening Kitty…am catching up on a few previous ones too…love them, well done.

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