Faerie Photos on the Isle of Man – John H.

We conclude our special feature from John Hall and his Faerie adventures on the Isle of Man with a series of photos.

John took all these photos himself and has kindly shared them with us here on Faerie of Ireland. Some of these images have been published in Janet Bord’s book ‘The Traveller’s Guide to Fairy Sites’ by Gothic Publications, and are also mentioned in two other of her publications. Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think….

Cheers, Kitty.


Pic 06
 The muddy path looking back down the area of the experience 

Pic 07
 The actual picture of the Stick Figure in the tree canopy, (top centre) as I was having this weird sensation. 

Pic 08A filter
 Enlargement close up of Figure. 

Pic 08B filter
 Further colour filter close ups. 

Pic 08C filter
 Different colour filter close up. 

Pic 09
 Another colour filter close up. 

Pic 10
 Last enlargement with alternative colour filter. 

Pic 11
 Upper Glen Auldyn looking toward the Slate Quarries where small figures where seen dancing.

3 Replies to “Faerie Photos on the Isle of Man – John H.”

  1. Your episode focused on Yeats was very well done. It lifted me from misery and despair. I woke this morning with little function, and bountiful pain. I thought perhaps I was being punished or under a curse.
    Your show, and Yeats reminded me of ordinary wonders and joys that I am given to forgetting at bad times. My recall was called though, back to the spirits in the land, by the profoundly grounded, beautifully reassuring words, with the images intact ,of Yeats, and the tone in your voice. That tone is honest, reassuring, and at the same time harvest apple sweet. Thank you

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