25 – Faerie Horses


No, not the winged my-little-pony fairy horses who poop glitterdust and rainbows.

Not the Kelpie, Puca or Glashtin, those fascinating faerie creatures who appear before us as horses and lead us into one calamity or another!kelpie4 (2)

Kitty is talking about horses who live and work beside the Good People. Their working companions.

Horses have been our hard-working, well-trusted and much-loved companions for longer than our mortal brains can imagine. So it goes, the Good People have also lived close beside these magnificent creatures.


This leads us to ponder:demon horse 4 (2)

Are horses belonging to the Good People more enlightened than our equine friends?
or are they as unpredictable, cruel and dangerous as the Good People can (sometimes) be?

We take a close look at real encounters with Faerie horses, and run the gamut of experiences from kindly and charitable to downright deadly.

demon horse3 (2)


So, giddyup… it’s going to be a wild ride.

As always, Kitty encourages keeping an open mind and reminds you it’s okay to believe in the Good People.

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Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.
Tales retold by Zed.
Tales retold by Grace.
Additional Music: ‘Serenity’ by Jonathan Segev.
‘Enchanted Road’ by Jonathan Segev.
‘Sad Emotional’ by Bluetreeaudio
‘Art of Silence’ by Uniq.


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