13 – Mermaids and Mermen: Is it Safe to go in the Water?

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Leave your towels on the beach and join Kitty as she dives into the dark, scary waters where dwell Mermaids and Mermen. What do we know about these elusive creatures?

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We know they are spotted in waters all over the world – check!

They are ridiculously good looking – check!

They are shiny and muscular – check!

But… we don’t know what darkness lurks in their hearts.


In this episode, we ponder:

Why Mermaids attack underwater divers?

merrow baskets (2)How to defeat a Scottish Mermen without getting wet

Why Scandinavian fishers should carry an extra sock when out at sea

and the bizarre hobby of the, otherwise delightful, Irish Merrow.


Faerie of traditional Folklore are old, clever and can live in water and on land. They are all around us, always watching. But what are they thinking? Are they on a mission to keep us landlubbers out of the oceans altogether?mermaid merman (2)

Kitty makes a splash by declaring Mermen are every bit as interesting as their prettier kin, and warns against listening to the Mermaids sweet song, those girls are fierce!

As always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries and invites you to read more true tales of encounters with the Good People and share your own experiences at:

Email: glassonionstories@gmail.com 

Facebook: Encounters with the Good People

Instagram: Encounters with the Good People


Theme Music: ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.
Additional Music: ‘Sunny Sailor Boy’ written by Mike Scott. Performed by Luka Blooom from the album ‘Turf’- 1994
Additional Music: ‘Sea Waves’ by superfunnysheet

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