7 – Changelings and Abductions: Faerie Mischief or A Higher Purpose?

Leave your knocking knees at the door, Kitty is here to talk about the real Faeries: The Good People, The Wee Folk or the Sidhe.

Faerie of traditional Irish Faerie Folklore sit guardian over our Natural World and are in feckin torment at the many ways we harm our environment. They are all around us and watching, always watching.

But what are they thinking? Are they impressed at our efforts to recycle, upcycle and downcycle or would they gladly send us all to landfill? Should we worry about what they might do?

In this episode, Kitty takes a realistic look at what motivated a loving Grandmother to employ a woman expert in Faerie Knowledge and remedies, to rid a sickly 4 year old boy of a ‘Faerie Changeling’. A fateful decision which resulted in the worst possible outcome.

Was this a case or murder, incompetence or absolute faith?

We ponder why some people daydream of being abducted by the Good People while others are terrified at the notion. abduct (2)

And wonder what do the Good People do with Humans they abduct.

Are we used to serve, or entertain, the Good People or, shock horror, is it possible they need us to reproduce?

Kitty throws a few new theories in the ring and asks if there is a higher purpose to these abductions?

Could it be a meeting of minds, the Good People seeking Humans out for to counsel or warn?

And as always, Kitty explains why it’s okay to believe in Faeries.

To read more stories of encounters with the Good People, share your own story of an encounter, perhaps one handed down through your family, or just an unusual experience on a visit to Ireland at:


Excerpt from ‘The Land of Heart’s Desire’ by WB Yeats. Read by Giles.
Theme Music, ‘Irish Coffee’ by Giorgio Di Campo.
Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod

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