Faerie in the Fireplace

This is a really intriguing, and ongoing, encounter I received from Jennifer in Canada.

There is a lot going on here. A lot of activity and emotion too. I have a few ideas about what might be happening, but take a read yourself and i’ll meet you back at the end of Jennifer’s account. – Kitty.


About 3 nights ago I had an unusual experience in my home. My dog has been staring and tracking something on some walls in our home that I don’tjennifer-glitter-lights-for-blog.jpg see.

I have seen some bright sparkles here and there on the walls but that was it til 3 nights ago.

At that time, I noticed my dog staring at my fireplace insert, it’s a fake fireplace. Thought that was odd so took a few pictures into the fire box insert and nearly fainted when I looked at those pictures.

There were about 6 or 7 little entities staring back at me. They looked pretty surprised I was looking at them and actually I felt that they were afraid. THEY were afraid, I wasn’t exactly overjoyed. lol.

Anywho, they moved around from photo to photo but I didn’t ever see them moving. If I caught them, they just froze. I got one pic where a big brown head was almost visible like it was materializing in there and in another it was in a different place in the fire box and in a different position.

I am sharing a picture of one of them with you. The photo is quite dark since the fire box is black inside and it wasn’t bright in the room. Not sure they are even visible in bright light. Anyways a friend of mine lightened up the photo so the entity is much more visible than the first shot I took.

Look in the middle of the pink circle I drew and the entity is in the centre. Its grey and seems to be looking down into the fire box. It’s just its head that is seen sticking out what seems to be a black hole in the side of the fire box. It has a big nose like Jim Durante’s nose was, sort of comical in look and you can see its beady little eye too.

Most people think it’s a fairy but I’m not sure, not familiar with all the types of gnomes etc. I don’t get a scary feeling from them but not happy either. I have had several UFO sightings in this area too over the years as has most of my neighbours. Weird area. We are very close to a big river, like across the street. Would love to know what you all think. Thank you.

I will tell you what is going on now with all this. Yesterday I think it was, time is blurring here, I went into my living room to get a couple of things and my back was to the fireplace where my first sighting of the beings took place, a few days before.

My little dog was sitting on the back of the couch near the fireplace. While my back was turned to it. I heard a distinct, pretty loud shuffling sound from the fireplace and right at that moment my dog whipped around and barked at the fireplace.


Now the little suckers are making sounds. Sigh. I have never heard any auditory sounds from anything like this. I have had visitations from what are think are ETs and ghosts in the past and some not long ago actually but the only time I hear anything from them is when I wake up in the middle of the night and I seem to be in the middle of 2 people talking but the voices are quick.

One said once ‘she’s awake’. The other just happened last month, woke up to the voice of a woman who seemed to be sitting near my bed right around my head who just said loudly ‘WHATTT??” That was it.

I have had entities touch me 3 times since I was a teen and woke up after these events the next morning without any memory of how I got back to bed or what if anything happened in between. I am telling you this because the heads of these beings I am seeing now are mostly alien like but some are silly colors like bright yellow.

Good/bad, helpful, malevolent, I have no idea. I know nothing about gnomes and elementals but looked into that last night. If I knew they were just harmless fairies I could live with that but even those I hear can be nasty depending on the mood. If anyone has ever seen anything like the two pics I have of these beings I would love to know. Right now I don’t even really want to acknowledge them so trying to stay away from the area and maybe bore them into leaving. lol.

I am saying a prayer now given to me by paranormal investigators that basically goes straight to my Source, God, for help. In it I ask God to either release or destroy so that if these beings aren’t harmful but just lost or frightened God will help to release them from this place and maybe they can be saved. I would love that first if possible. So, see what happens.

jennifer beatty pic for blog

This pic of the fireplace folk is grainy but it’s the best I could do. The big blob on the logs started out first time I saw it as a big brown head peeping over the logs, you could see two beady eyes when I first saw it. In this photo it almost looks like it has more of a longer alien type head.

On the back wall of the fireplace behind the big head you can see two what look like almost clown heads as if painted on the wall. This was not on the wall before and it isn’t now. It’s like something was trying to scare me with ‘scary’ faces. lol.

On the left there is a little yellow very Grey Alien type head but its cartoonish. Finally, on the extreme left bottom of the fireplace there is a little grey alien type head and you can just barely make out the eyes.

– Jennifer, Canada

jennifer beatty pic for blog2.jpg

Well, what did you make of that? It’s a situation I wouldn’t want to find myself in, and no doubt, but 2 things spring to mind.

First, is that the ‘creatures’ are some kind of Brownie: a Household Faerie. The character of Brownies varies wildly from region to region. some attach themselves to a home, others to a family. It’s possible these creatures are attached to the house Jennifer and her dog are living in. I would be interested to know if Jennifer is descended from a Scottish or Irish family as it is said that Brownie’s from those areas attach to the family, not the home, and will follow them wherever they go, including across the oceans.

Did I mention Brownie’s are notoriously easy to offend? It is possible Jennifer, or her dog, have entirely unintentionally, offended the Brownie’s and this is why they are causing such mayhem in her home, and by extension to her life. One of my Podcasts in the month of May takes a close look at Household Faerie and I share several stories of Brownie shenanigans. If Jennifer’s situation is a case of wicked Brownie’s, I hope they soon bore of their antics and settle down again.

Of course, it is possible the house is occupied by malevolent Faerie or spirits, and I understand that Jennifer has taken some action to counter this possibility. It reminds me of a news article I read recently about a ‘haunted’ house in Ireland which caused some debate about how best to deal with it. Take a read and let me know what you think of Jennifer’s predicament. – Cheers, Kitty

Irish Cottage with Violent Faeries

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  1. This is my story and I just looked at my picture I took and since it was blown up more for this site I all of a sudden see several more beings all around the one peeping out. Most of them are see through but they are sitting above the visible being I pointed out. There also seems to be a long thing dark figure to the right of the being too, has its knee bent, also see through. Crazy weird.

  2. I agree with the brownie theory, perhaps you could say out loud. Brownies I am sorry if I or any in my household offended you without knowing. May there be peace in this house for now on.

    1. Sorry I forgot to add that this morning early when I saw the huge grey whatever it was, just before I saw it coming into the bedroom I had heard something in the living room. 3 sounds that I can’t remember now, not knocks but some kind of sound that was unusual. I made a coughing sound to see if it would stop and it did but then right after in came the grey ‘cloud’. It wasn’t really a cloud just a light grey sort of mass but it wasn’t formed. It wasn’t threatening really just obviously weird and shocking to see something like that. I have no doubt that is what made the noise. Now both the brownies and this mass has made audible sounds too, that makes me very uneasy. What’s next? Don’t answer that. Sigh.

      Jennifer and Canine Witness

  3. Hi, It’s Jennifer here. Well its now a few days later and there has been more activity here. Sigh. I told you that my dog started by staring at the walls well within the last couple of weeks I have started to see, mostly out of the corner of my eye, a quick movement like a light colored shadow but just a bit, no form, small. Then I woke up about 3am this morning and when I moved the duvet down from my face a HUGE light grey sort of cloud or form was coming at me but only along the side of my bed, not on it and passed by me and I guess onto or into the wall behind/beside the bed. This is where my dog fixates, a lot. I have no doubt that I have now seen what my dog has been seeing for months, he may of course see more detail but its basically the same thing. Is it the same thing as the brownies but in a different form? Of course I have no idea or is this a different thing? We had a horrible accident in the apartment building a few years back, not in this apartment and a sensitive that came in about 2 months ago said that she saw a man come into my bedroom and she said it was the man who had the accident. I am skeptical first and always look for a logical reason for whatever is going on but at the very same moment the sensitive said that a man entered my room my dog charged down to the end of the bed where we were all sitting and stared, ears straight up, right where the sensitive said the man/ghost was. I believe my dog. Now this could be the same thing, the cloud could be the figure of the man. I did not know this person and the sensitive told me that he wasn’t haunting my apartment per se, she said that he roams the building. But he seems, if this is him, to come back here.

    About the theory that I ticked off the brownies by mistake. I thought about that because I was getting ideas on what to do from mediums etc and they varied. One told me to be firm with whatever they were (not knowing anything about brownies obviously) and so I did. Then I had a medium tell me to go with my gut as to whether they had ill intent or not and when I did I realized I probably made a mistake so I actually did write a spiel that basically said what you said to say, basically apologize for being rude and I said but I was mislead as to what they were about. I opened the door and told them that I know they need to be outside and take care of the plants etc and then tried to envision them leaving. I did feel that the place felt different the next day. However, I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t looked into the fireplace again, fearful that they are still there. Actually my dog and I are spending more time in the bedroom as the fireplace is in the living room.

    I have to say that this mornings sighting of the huge grey mass really freaked me out, I couldn’t believe when it moved past me. I was also very confused by my reaction to it. I didn’t panic or have a flight response, I actually just continued to watch tv, I think I was in major denial due to stress. I haven’t slept in days and only can sleep when the sun comes up. My dog is going through the same thing.

    I think I mentioned before that I have also seen sparkles on the walls, on my bed, floor several months ago, one at a time usually. They are white and were very beautiful but they now are more of a white dot. I have also seen them outside my window on the other side of the curtains. I don’t know what they are either, they showed up first though

    I have tried to reach out to 4 paranormal investigators and so far not one has emailed me back. I don’t know if it all just sounds too weird to be true but I can assure you its what I am experiencing. I thought I could get someone out to help but so far no go. I am at my wits end. I live in a large city in Canada I don’t know what the heck this is all about and why no interest.

    I don’t have any Scottish or Irish in either side of my family that I know of. We are of Ukrainian descent. I lived here for only a few months when I had my first sighting of UFOs though but nothing like this that I am experiencing now. I did have 2 visitations by UFOs I believe, long story, when I was a teen. I wonder if maybe my family was followed or at least I was perhaps from when I was young. It all seems so crazy yet I have experienced all that I have written about. Who could make up this stuff? For me, life is stranger than fiction it seems. Thanks for your interest, input and validation. Namaste.

    I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I have just begun on a very intense spiritual journey through ascension and I have to wonder too if all this is perhaps connected with that journey. Driving myself bananas trying to figure this out.

  4. I am updating my story here as I have had more experiences with the Faeries in my Fireplace. About 2 weeks ago in the middle of the afternoon I was sitting in my living room (where the fireplace is) chatting on the phone with a friend. The call was long so I had to shift around to get comfortable on the couch. When I did that I turned towards the fireplace and something caught my eye. IT WAS ONE OF THE FAERIE FOLK as I call them now. It was the little yellow one near the bottom of my first pictures of them in the firebox. However, at first I only saw its head as it was hiding behind a log but this time IT WAS PLASTERED UP AGAINST THE INSIDE OF THE GLASS OF THE FIREPLACE and the instant feeling I got was that it wan’ted out. The insert doesn’t open and honestly I don’t know what I am dealing with so should I even open it if I could? Anyways it was full bodied up against the glass and solid looking too. As I watched it I noticed movement in there, first time I saw anything move in the fireplace and it was a dark blobby looking thing and it came up beside this yellow entity and I watched as it faded back into the insert. I got an immediate feeling of it was destroyed by this dark thing or at least pulled away. It made me feel sick. I never got a bad feeling from these entities til that one thing appeared and moved. I had a medium in the other day and she got no readings from the fireplace but she senses something in there. Nothing like saging works on these things, no prayers, holy water,nothing. Now as I said before I had many sightings of UFOs in this area over the last few years and I am starting to wonder if its all related. In the last two months I have also experienced a fuzzy buzz in my right ear only that is rhythmic and I am feeling as if this is a signal or message somehow from something. I mentioned also I have had an awakening over the last few months and all of a sudden have experienced being able to see beings in peoples photos and on Google Earth on mountains as well and interesting enough when I show some of these pictures of beings in photos to some people they don’t see what I do but two mediums who are reputible in my area cn totally see them. I feel that since we function at a higher vibration we may be able to see interdimensional creaetures , maybe ETs, maybe angels, spirits of some sort. I don’t know if I am more or less confused with all of this. My dog continues to stare at the walls and recently its gotten worse. He waits for me in rooms I am in and doesn’t go off into rooms on his own anymore. I don’t know if this is all alien related or spirit. I have had a NDE about 20 years ago plus a few experiences with paranormal situations before. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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