Away with the Faeries


Ah, the Little People. I don’t believe in them, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there” – Nanna Casey

No, No, No…   not the pretty, jolly or mischievous Fairy of Fairy-tales… we’re here to talk about the real Faeries, The Good People.

You know, the ones that are alternately flippant or wise, cruel or charitable, vicious or gentle.

It’s true, they might tend your garden or protect your home but are just as likely to steal your child or bring sickness upon your house. It just depends on their mood!

They are the real Faerie!

If you, or someone you know and trust, has had a genuine sighting or encounter with a Faerie, I invite you to share the story with us here.

Although Ireland may be the first place to spring to mind when you think of Faeries, there have actually been an abundance of Faeries sighted and encountered throughout all of Europe and further afield too.

Here at ‘Encounters with The Good People’, we take a special interest in Faerie from Celtic and Nordic Countries. You are invited to join in, get involved,

No matter if your tale is big or small, old or new, we want to hear them all.

The only stipulation is that you must believe the story to be genuine.

No wasters, no fantasy, no taking the piss please. All those gathered here must respect the Faerie, and each other.


A little about myself.

Born and raised in Australia, my own interest in Faerie began with an encounter, many years ago.


I love hearing and collecting stories of encounters with the Good People. Many are open with their experiences but others needed a dose of cajoling.

For some, living beside Faerie is so commonplace that seeing or interacting with them was considered normal and barely worth mentioning! But many others have never shared their experience in fear they might be judged or ridiculed by sharing their experience.

I would like to strip away the fear of embarrassment. Wise folk know there is much more to this world than can be seen and there are many who believe these folk we call the ‘Good People’ are literally ‘as old as the hills’.

Since my own encounter years ago, I have slowly but surely grown passionate about Faerie Folklore. For me, it is a living, ever-changing beast and never, ever dull.

Sadly, being in Australia, I cannot walk the highways and byways (or trains and buses) or visit the local pubs to collect stories of Faerie encounters, but I can collect, and share stories with you online and on my Podcast ‘Encounters with the Good People’. 

Don’t be shy.

You are among friends here.

So, let’s get the Faerie out from the shadows, I don’t know about you, but I’d love to get to know them better!